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I discovered the beauty of alpine rivers in 2010, for the first time, when I signed a contract with a hockey club in Zell am See. Since my arrival, I was fascinated with the crystal clear water of Salzach River and also the outstanding beauty of the lake surrounding the city. My passion for fishing was instantly awaken.

I have been fishing since my childhood, following my father`s footsteps, who successfully represented Czech Republic in many occasions on European and World fly-fishing championships. He showed me how to use an artificial fly and I have been hooked ever since. Competing throughout my young age, winning many local events and nominated for Junior World Fly Fishing Championship in Scotland in 2002, I knew there is no a cure for my fishing addiction. However, my professional Ice hockey carrier with a busy competition schedule was not a matching date for my life lasting passion to fly fish.
After my Ice hockey carrier was over, I permanently settled in Zell am See and have fully committed to fly fishing again. For the past 11 years, I have fished every lake and river in this area and also tied many local top fly patterns.
Recently, I have decided to share my knowledge and experience as a guide with my fellow fly fishermen, interested to explore the beauty and magic of this well stocked fisheries surrounding Zell am See.
We shall visit places you would never discovered alone. I will help you to find the right fishing spot, how to approach it, use the most successful fly fishing technique and pick the right fly pattern to succeed. For the less experienced fly fisherman, I can help to improve your fishing tactics and enhance your casting on rivers and lakes and to show how to effectively land a monster fish.
I look forward meeting you all my friends, in this truly amazing fly fishing paradise in Alps.
With best wishes and tight lines!!!
Jaroslav Barton