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The list of alpine fisheries, with a beautiful nature, stunning views and crystal clear water, where I can provide my guiding assistance, offering lots of fishing action with outstanding catches to enjoy and remember.

Saalach – Lofer
Fuscher Ache
Hintersee a Elisabethsee – Hotel Braurup
Salzach, Krimmelache, Stubach, Felbenbach
Zeller See

Saalach and Loferbach River.

The Saalach River is 15-25 meters wide, up to 10 feet in depth, with cobbles and boulders on the
bottom. The river is divided in to two sections.
The first part is 5 kilometres long stretch of the river, with day permit costing 50 €, well stocked with
beautiful brown, rainbow trout and grayling.
The second section is only for guests staying at Forellenstube Hotel. This part is very well stocked
with brown, rainbow, brook trout and holds a large population of grayling up to size of 50cm.
The perfect fishing season starts during the early spring before the snow melts, continues
throughout the summer and autumn, until the early December. The river is perfect to use nymphs,
streamers and a dry fly in the summer.
The day permit is also valid for a smaller river called Loferbach. Fishing is permitted on 4 kilometres
long stretch, with gigantic brownies and rainbows lurking in the water. The Loferbach River is often a
great fishing alternative when high, or coloured water of the Saalah River.



Fuscher Ache river

Fuscher Ache is a faster alpine river 4 to 10 meters wide and 18 kilometres long, with many deep
holes and pools. It runs through a beautiful valley of the highest Austrian mountain the mighty
Grossglockner. The river is divided into catch and release section and section with 3 fish bag limit.
Part of the fishery is 2 hectares reservoir created on the river. Fishing is permitted with one artificial
fly only, hence a nymph or a streamer is mostly used. The Fusher Ache River is stocked with nice
coloured brown, rainbow and brook trout and well worth to pay a visit.



Finkausee is about 5 hectares large, magical lake with azure blue water. It is located about 60 km
from Zell am See in a region called Zillertall. Part of the fishery is 2 kilometres long river channel
connecting Finkausee Lake with Gerlos Reservoir. The river holds a large population of grayling, big
brook, and brown trout, but also a large migratory fish is often hooked. The lake is fished for superb
grayling, trophy class brook and lake-brown trout. Bank and belly boat fishing is permitted, which is
ideal technique to catch a large specimen on a dry. Fishing the Finkausee Lake is always an amazing
experience fulfilled with ferocious fights, nice catches and beautiful scenery.


Hintersee and Elisabethsee – Hotel Braurup

Hintersee and Elisabethsee are two smaller lakes about 7 kilometres apart from each other.
Hintersee Lake is surrounded by a stunning rocky landscape and waterfalls with icy water. It holds a
large population of brook trout, but also brown and rainbow trout with a sporadic appearance of
Elisabethsee is a beautiful, alpine lake about 1 hectare in size and crystal clear water. The fishery is
regularly stocked with rainbow, brown and brook trout. Holding a large population of fish, it is the
ideal destination for beginners, but also dry fly fishermen.


Salzach, Krimmelache, Stubach, Felbenbach

These fisheries belong to Braurup Hotel in Mittersil, which has one of the longest fishing tradition in
Austria. The hotel sells daily permits in a different price range. For the guests staying at the hotel,
the price is 35€ per person. An early booking needs to be made for Krimmeleche River, due to
maximum limit of 10 people per day.


Zeller See- lake

Zeller See is a beautiful lake located in the Austrian Alps with stunning views. It takes its name from
the city of Zell am See, located on its banks. The lake is 450 hectares large and about 70 meters
deep. It is a home for many freshwater fish, hence many fishing technics can be used including fly
fishing. Streamer is often successful to catch pike, zander, perch and wild brown trout. The fishing
season starts on the first of April, when the water temperature is reaching 6-8°C. These are the
optimal conditions to fish for big, hungry trout, using sinking lines and large streamers up to 15
centimetres. Fishing for lake-brown trout with the high number of casts, often resemble of fishing
for Danube salmon, but with a little bit of luck a trophy class fish up to 90 centimetres can be caught.
The boat and belly boat fishing is permitted and for an advanced fly fisherman the challenge for a
ferocious fight with the lifetime fish is on.